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Why have an attorney?

Buying real estate is a complicated business. There are complex legal and title issues, plus a whole new vocabulary of unfamiliar terms to deal with. What’s more, for most people, it is the biggest single purchase they will ever make. With all this in mind, don’t you want someone on your side that is expert and knowledgeable?  

For a purchaser, our firm will look out for your interests, ensure you get a clear title to your new property, as well as help you protect your investment for the future. For a seller, we will insure you get your proceeds and payoff your mortgage.

Legal advice offers you something the average purchaser and seller really needs and usually lacks: knowledge of the subtleties and peculiarities of real estate law and the transfer of property rights and title.

At a real estate closing today, many buyers go without counsel of their own. This means, in effect, that they’re not taking advantage of all the benefits of legal representation.  They are spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars but yet aren’t protecting themselves by having a professional assist them along the way.
Remember that a title company doesn’t represent you.  Only your own attorney can. 

We will explain complicated terms and documents in a way you can understand. Just consider all the ways a real estate attorney can help you. Before the closing, your attorney can explain the following:

•What to expect in the process, from beginning to end. 
•The terms and conditions of a legally binding contract for the purchase or sale 
    of real estate. 
•The details of a closing statement and the closing adjustments. 
•The terms and conditions of your new mortgage for your purchase. 
•The documents that you will be signing, many of them in legalese and dozens of 
•Title insurance and survey matters. 
•Your liability if assuming an existing mortgage.
•Alternative means of financing, including the effect of mortgage prepayment.
•Where and how to file for homestead exemption.
•Title insurance and survey matters. 
•Insurance and other requirements. 
•Scheduling your closing with the other parties and your lender.


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